Rose diagrams



Rose diagrams are used by OpenOutcrop to be able to identify similar elements which have similar dip and strikes attitudes. For example, the following diagram shows the location of 8 interpreted joint planes for an outcrop.



Clicking on “View/Dip-Strike Rose Diagrams/From joint planes” shows the following –



This diagram highlights three joint planes that have a dip direction of around 330 degrees and four joint planes each have a dip direction of around 120 degrees. One joint plane does not correlate with any the previous.


We can confirm these orientations simply by looking at each interpreted plane “side on” as in the following diagram.



Rose diagrams can be created for selected joint planes, bedding planes and meshes.


Note that when OpenOutcrop calculates dip, dip direction and strike, it calculates “true” dip rather than “apparent” dip.