OpenOutcrop can be configured for personal preferences by using the main menu option “Tools/Options”. This will reveal the following dialog.






Project title

OpenOutcrop can optionally display a title in center of the main screen. You can choose the title, font and color.


Dip/Strike conventions

By default, OpenOutcrop will display dip and dip direction when displaying joint planes. You many choose to display Dip and Strike and also the name of joint and bedding planes using these options.


Mouse settings

Depending on the manufacturer and installed drivers mice have different characteristics and sensitivities. With these settings you can fine tune rotation and zoom settings to suit your own personal environment.


Background color

By default, OpenOutcrop has a dark blue background color in the 3D display area. You can change this to whatever is your personal preference.


All settings under Tools/Options are saved (and restored) between sessions.