User defined data



At times, and depending on the type of outcrop we are interpreting, we want to be able to categorize each pick or class of data with our own (project specific) metadata.


For example, we may wish to assign a confidence level to each of our boundary interpretations. Alternatively we may wish to assign quality ratings, or attribute a source to each mesh that we have imported.


OpenOutcrop allows you to define arbitrary metadata to each major group in the treeview. In addition, once metadata has been populated for a group (e.e. boundary interpretations) we can filter the data based on any criteria that we might select (e.g. find me all interpretations made by person A or where the confidence level is high).


To define the metadata applicable to each category, click on the main menu option “Edit/user defined data”.  For example, the category “Boundaries has been selected in the following example –



Use the “Add new…” button at the bottom of the screen to add new metadata, and the “Properties” button to define extended properties to each metadata item. For example, we have ensured the field, “Confidence level” can only accept values from 1 to 10.



Click on “Close” to exit metadata definition and you should notice that metadata for each boundary can now be defined.



Metadata fields can have one of the following types –


·         Checkbox

·         Select item from a list

·         Color

·         Simple text (e.g. comments) either a single or multiline

·         A number (optionally within a range, e.g. age)

·         Hyperlink

·         Date

·         Lithology pattern/code