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QRISK is the next generation of probabilistic risk analysis software for E & P professionals.

With an intuitive user interface, extremely fast Monte Carlo simulations, multiple distribution types and the ability to model simple or complex traps. QRISK allows accurate and robust resource estimates to be calculated with unparalleled ease in a fraction of the time compared to other products.

A fully Microsoft Office compatible application, QRISK allows data and graphics to be copied and pasted to Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint with a single button click.

Since all prospect data is hosted in a single database (and not in multiple spreadsheets) , QRISK allows you to sanity check your estimates by comparing (for example) mean porosity estimates with other drilling targets in same basin or formation.  QRISK supports both single and multiple prospect analysis with Monto Carlo simulations.

Why use probabilistic estimates for reserve estimates ?

Direct (deterministic) calculations for recoverable hydrocarbons do not take into account the uncertainty in individual estimates for each of the parameters used in the calculation.
For example we may use a “best guess” of 15% for porosity when in reality we know that porosities for a particular formation within a basin or province may vary in practice between 12% and 22%.

The probabilistic approach used by QRISK ensures that any uncertainty is taken into account and that any resultant recoverable calculation also takes into account  in a range of possible values, each with attendant probabilities. 

Why choose QRISK ?

QRISK has been developed by software professionals with decades of dedicated E & P experience.  When designing QRISK , we listened to the needs of  leading oil and gas companies and industry professionals.

Single user and multiple network licenses are available at a fraction of the cost of comparable applications.






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Memory 1Gb, disk 30Mb. Supported OS - Windows Windows 10 or Server 2012-18. .NET framework 4.0 or later.